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    What is real Dutch Delftware?

    Sometimes the term delftware is used to describe any blue and white ceramic item. However, authentic beautiful delftware is hand painted by experienced artists and tin-glazed by a process developed over centuries. The results are one-of-a-kind items treasured by knowledgeable owners.

    History of Dutch Delftware

    Delftware is named for the Dutch city of Delft. In the late 16th century, prohibition closed Dutch breweries. Many of the vacated buildings were used by the fledgling, but growing delftware industry. The development of the tin-glazing techniques evolved slowly through many countries from the Orient to Italy. It was perfected by Dutch artisans.

    Why Nelis' Dutch Village sells Dewit Delftware

    The handpainted delftware we sell is made in The Netherlands by the DeWit Company. DeWit has a long European tradition. They excel as a high quality but affordable producer of the beautiful unique pieces, a sample of which is shown below and on the following pages.

    DeWit Delftware

    All authentic DeWit delft products are of true Dutch origin and are exquisitely hand painted. They can be identified by an imprint showing the factory mark, item number, and the artist's initials. The mark is located on the bottom of the piece. The DeWit imprint is shown here. We also provide a "DeWit certificate of authenticity" with each piece you order.

    The DeWit Mark - Dutch Village Delftware

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