Speculas no almonds
DeRuiter Speculaas
Pictured are the Spiced - original 400g,
Also avail. are the Wheat 400g and Wheat/almond 250g.
Hellema Speculas 14 oz. pkgs.
Whole Grain, Original, and With Almonds
De Ruiter Speculaas
Windmill cookies
Stroopwafels 100% Butter,
10 count package
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Pastilles Droste Holland Pastiles Selection Droste Holland Pastiles Selection
Droste Chocolate Pastiles
Six varieties Dark, Extra Dark, Milk, Milk & White, Orange & Bitter
Droste Assortis
Chocolate assortment features Milk & Bittersweet Chocolate.
This box weighs approx. 200g (7.0oz)
Chocolate assort. features Milk, White, & Bittersweet Chocolate shaped tulips.
This box weighs approx. 175g (6.1oz)
Droste shoes
bulk peppermint
Peppermint babbelars
Steenland chocolate shoes
16 piece 3.2oz box 32 pc. 6.2oz box,
Steenland chocolate
coins (not shown), 30g

Wilhelmina Peppermints
Bulk price per pound
Wilhelmina Peppermints
100g box.
8oz. bag,
wilhemina peppermint roll
King Candy Rolls four packs Peppermint

Licorice Rolls four packs
Top Drop